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-  Publisher: Anastacia Media Group

-  ISBN: 97-809829576-22

-  Publication date: 8/30/2011

-  Sold by: Barnes & Noble and Amazon

-  Format: Soft Cover and eBook

Pages: 50

Age range: 8 years and up

File size: 2 MB

Available through Ingram Books

    Story Summary: 

    In a forest meadow, one small pine tree sits apart from all the trees of the nearby forest. Surrounded with tall grass in a peaceful meadow, the pine begins to grow from season to season, experiencing the splendor of the open meadow. Each evening, as the stars begin to show themselves to the pine, it sighs with the wonder of the skies and wonders if somehow its purpose is related to the distant lights that sparkle against the cool black night.

    As the seasons pass, the pine is visited by its many friends in the forest. With each encounter it wonders if its purpose is somehow related to what it does. From springtime to winter, forest creatures take shelter or rest within the pine’s branches, families play and picnic near the tree and it gathers leaves with the help of the fall wind. Each event inspires the pine to ask, “Am I here to shelter, provide rest, provide a home, perhaps shade?” With each question the pine feels certain it has discovered its purpose.

    One fall day the gentle pine whispers goodbye to all its friends and awakens atop a truck with other pine trees. The thrill of the eagle’s story being lived by the pine creates more questions.  Arriving at a Christmas tree farm, the beautiful tree is eventually chosen by a family of four. Throughout the Christmas season, it celebrates with the family and finds a deeper purpose stirring within its inner rings. In time the tree once again sleeps but continues to give to the family who brought it so much love. For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose…

    The Gentle Pine's Purpose
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