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The Gentle Pine’s Purpose feels like a cross between “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein and the “Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg. Lovely and inspiring…
- Stacey, San Diego

What a beautiful and inspirational story! I … took it to the beach with me today…reading it out in nature only added to its loveliness. The analogy to life/death/rebirth intertwined with life’s purpose is so touching…and what a great teaching tool for young people! 
- Diane S, Solano Beach CA

A truly delightful and gentle way to help children explore some of life’s biggest and most important questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I really good enough as I am? And what happens at what some call “the end of life.” A great family read to encourage sweet and meaningful conversation and a lovely way to help children begin to discover their own purpose. I’ve no doubt that Gentle Pine will touch the hearts of every child who reads it or hears it read…and I rather suspect it will touch that “innocent place” in every adult who reads it as well.
- Wendy Craig-Purcell, Spiritual Leader*Author *Speaker, The Unity Center, San Diego, CA

"The Gentle Pine's Purpose," is simply a magical allegory of the lifelong human desire to seek meaning from existence. Each passing season for the Gentle Pine is embraced with innocence and curiosity, and through loving engagement with life, becomes a defining component in shaping its identity.  The wonder lies in the journey, where each of the Gentle Pine's resting grounds offers an opportunity to experience fulfillment for its own sake.  With a lyrical style, Candace has crafted a delightful story, whose literal interpretation alone, wraps itself around you like a blanket.  "The Gentle Pine" will capture the awe of its youngest readers, as well as inspire the adults who share this heartfelt story with their young audiences to ponder the underlying richness of its spiritual message. 
- Wendy Olson, Teacher, Musician, and Song Writer

I’ve always felt a beautiful story is one of life’s greatest gifts and The Gentle Pine’s Purpose is just such a gift. Readers will find that magic doesn’t just spin around the Gentle Pine, but around them, as they read this loving and insightful book.  The lessons of love and the message of life’s purpose reach far beyond the story of the Gentle Pine.  You’ll feel lighter, brighter and be nudged with a possible tear or two as you come to understand a gentle pine’s life purpose is not so different from your own.  Enjoy and share this story with as many ears as you can, young old and in-between.
- Debby Castellitto, San Diego

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The Gentle Pine's Purpose
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